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Providing educational opportunities and professional development for students



Find an Idea

If you already have a project or passion you want to pursue, let us know about by email to or simply apply.

If you don't have an idea, but want to do something, we have a list of projects you can consider.

Don't be afraid of a Big Idea. You can start in any year and work on it in the Pod for as long as you are a student.


Join the Pod

After your application has been received and reviewed, we'll arrange for you to give us a very short, no props presentation.

Your successful presentation gets you free access to all the Pod offers:

  • creative space

  • mentors

  • training sessions

  • collaboration with other students

  • more...


Make it Happen

Work on your idea at your own pace in the Pod space.


Interact with other members in the Pod and on campus.


Meet with mentors online, on campus, or however works best for you.


Apply Now

Complete the online application

Receive an invitation to present your idea


Meet the Pod


We are Alumni and Faculty who are passionate about mentoring students and new graduates to set them up for success. 


We provide educational and professional development opportunities for students outside of their normal course of study. We aim to foster rich opportunities in the spirit of entrepreneurial initiatives through testing, prototyping, mentorship, workshops, partnerships, and access to equipment for testing, evaluating, and realizing design concepts.


The Pod has space and tools for making. There is a 3D printer, as well as electronics development and testing tools, basic hand tools, milling machines, and more. We plan to add more capabilities based on available feedback and opportunities.

We use online tools to augment meetings with all of our mentors.

Additionally, Pod members have access to two bonus "maker spaces" located on campus close to the main Pod space.



"Having someone to bounce ideas off of who has real-world experience and can provide reliable, trustworthy answers/suggestions is truly invaluable!"

—  Fred, Student Pod Member