If you don't have your own idea yet, here are some to get you started. Let us know what interests you!

Harmonic Analyzer

Reproduce a famous mathematical analyzer. 


This project provides you opportunities to learn CAD, CNC machinging, 3D printing, project management, and how to practically apply math you have learned in class.

When complete, the machine will be part of the Faculty of Engineering permanent display.


Precious Plastics

Be part of a new effort on campus to build a plastics recycling centre based on the Precious Plastics movement.

This project provides you opportunities to design and build recycling machines, develop applications for recycled plastics, and more.


Internet of Nature

Design some rugged, low-cost, wireless sensor nodes to be deployed by users. The data will be provided on the web, free to all.

This project allows you opportunities to use and develop your mechanical, electrical, software, and web development skills.

Woodland Path

Acoustic Optics

Explore how to focus and bend sound waves, and discover new applications.

This project creates opportunities for you to learn and apply CAD, 3D printing, CNC, electronics, modelling, and other skills.